Photographer Petr Jedinak

Petr in studioPetr Jedinak (*1963)

„I believe in art that is truthful and precise. I despise kitsch and leaving things half-done. Art should also take us a step forward, trespassing our comfort zone if it must.”

Petr Jedinak is an icon in the world of Czech Photography and Fine Art.

Over the past two decades he has blazed new visual trails in capturing intimate photographic portraits.

Fusing extensive knowledge of human psychology with a unique point of view towards anatomy, raw intimacy, and sexuality, he creates a special, unique atmosphere and connection with his models.

Petr made a name for himself by shooting hundreds of influential, visually hypnotic and critically acclaimed celebrity portraits and magazine covers for Reflex, the most popular and widely-read Czech weekly magazine – known worldwide for its compelling focus on social, cultural and political subject matter.

Reflex has also been legendary in its own right in the annals of design and visual communications.

His work for Reflex set a new standard for portrait and editorial photography and established him as one of Europe’s biggest name press photographers of the 1990s and beyond. His 2004 book, “Paths to Portrait”, summarized this epoch and set a new standard for rising Czech photographers to imitate.

Jedinak’s skill behind the lens is complemented by his technical, production, and craftsmanship skills.

He is a master of a very unique, painstaking technological process based on ambrotype – a silver and glass transformation — that makes each photo one-of-a-kind, impossible to replicate.

Using this signature technique, Petr has created a vast body of portraits and nudes whose emotional impact is underlined by this personalized medium that produces only a single original, impossible to copy or retouch. This transformative process, unparalleled anywhere else in the art world, allows him to fix a silver layer from behind a plate of translucent glass, creating original silver and glass artifacts in 3D with a luminous metallic effect unseen in common ambrotype.

When combined with the 50×50 cm format, the end result is simply stunning, provoking a sense of mystery, as if they were “ghosts locked in from another time.”

After all, the Greek meaning of ambrotype is “eternity”.

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